'The Observatory' is an ethereal hall made of stars and space dust. A stopover in the infinite expanse of the cosmos on the way to the place we come from.
This project was born and originally published in 2017. Initially conceived as a collection of static artworks, all of them were refined and animated in 2022. The series consists of 5 single loop animations and 1 special piece with 4 variations.

Taurus — “Just stand and watch. Let the cosmos do the rest."

Pegasus — “Feel the floor beneath your feet. Go ahead, get closer."

Monoceros — "Notice the magnificence of it all. Don't be shy, be respectful."

Cassiopeia — "Keep going. You'll be on your way home."

Pyxis — “Float in the vast blackness. Stars are warm. You belong here.”

Orion — "Stars emerge and die. Galaxies collide. Planets form and vanish. Feel the change around you."

'Orion' was conceived as a dynamic NFT that evolves throughout the day. 4 state changes, rotating every 6 hours according to the time of the day (ET).
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