Noemí Casquet is a Spanish journalist, writer and researcher specialized in sexuality. Her live show "Origen" brings a new perspective of pleasure in the current era, revealing ancestral wisdom that existed before taboos and shame.
I was commissioned to create the main poster of the show, which is performed through different ambiences featuring light, color and atmospheric effects that we wanted to reflect in the poster. The artwork would also work as a visualizer for advertising, social media and the show itself.
I was provided with a raw photography of Noemí to be the main element of the poster. I performed a deep editing process to bring her figure into a brand new setting, enhancing lighting and incorporating atmospheric effects and colors that would capture the vibe of the show. The piece was then animated, conceived as a seamless loop. This process was entirely made using Photoshop and After Effects.​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​I also handled the logo design and the poster layout, which had to be versatile to adapt to a variety of formats and mediums. The type treatment balanced between the classical and the contemporary, resulting in a clean composition that could be easily handled by the production team during the tour. ​​​​​​​
Art direction: Paola Tombolán
Photography: Andrea Torres
Design and animation: Anxo Vizcaíno
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