Electro pop-alchemist duo LOAD emerged from Basel's urban mists in 2018. Armed with razorsharp synthesizers and cutting-edge guitar force, they tell tales of urban melancholy, dark eroticism and religious abstractions. Their first album title 'Superego' refers to the Freudean concept –moral and guilty consciousness, ethics built from culture, etc.– but also to the fact that collective and individual ego is one of the most powerful and destructive human forces nowadays. So in the artworks, super-ego is represented by a perfect, luminous sphere being revealed among tons of crude, dark cubes. This circle-square confrontation is inspired by the "squaring the circle" problem present in philosophy and religion, and shows the perfect and eternal vs. the imperfect and static. For the single releases, we made some variations where the sphere is being gradually revealed. The LED lights on those pieces are a reference to the light masks that the band wears in their live performances.
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