This series of personal artworks developed over a year explores some of the topics I'm passionate about, such as reality, mortality, consciousness and outer space. These were my very first approaches to my current style, and are the result of spontaneous experimentation with collage, photo manipulation and vector elements, with no prior planning or intention.

'Materia' (2016)

'Vano' (2016)

'Hogar' (2016)

'Antiguo' (2016)

'Singularidad' (2017)

'Clarividencia' (2017)

'Baile' (2017)

'Mímesis' (2017)

'Tronco' (2017)

'Hueso' (2017)

'Transferencia' (2017)

'Encuentro' (2017)

'Rito' (2017)

'Éxodo' (2017)

'Óbito' (2017)

'Revolución' (2017)

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