Experimental remixes


My collection of experimental remixes is a series of personal art pieces about reality, mortality, outer space and quantum physics. Although of their surreal appearance, I want to believe that they are rather pieces of reality existing and hidden somewhere the human being has not been yet. Limited edition art prints available in my shop!

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'Materia' (2016)
'Vano' (2016)
'Hogar' (2016)
'Antiguo' (2016)
'Singularidad' (2017)
'Clarividencia' (2017)
'Baile' (2017)
'Mímesis' (2017)
'Tronco' (2017)
'Hueso' (2017)
'Transferencia' (2017)
'Encuentro' (2017)
'Rito' (2017)
'Éxodo' (2017)
'Óbito' (2017)
'Revolución' (2017)